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The Fish Tracking software was a Windows C# project for biology research at the University of Windsor into the long term reaction of fish to chemicals in the water. The software is designed to track the motion of the fish in the tank and determine which regions of the tank the fish spend the most time.

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Fish Tracker Application Window

Once one frame of video is open in the application window, the user is free to define the areas of the tank that they want to record the presence of the fish in.

fish_tracker_regions (161K)

The location of the fish in the tank is determined by comparing each neighboring image in the video, and looking for significant areas of motion near previous frame's initial location of the fish. From this information, the time of the fish spent in each region is calculated, as is the velocity and XY locations of the fish.

Note: the example below contains a very simplistic motion of the fish.

analysis (63K)


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