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>> Merchant Holiday House

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The Merchant Holiday House is a getaway villa for serious-thinking occupants, and despite its extreme open design, it feels comfortable and secure. It is a house designed for a couple only, and uses its limited walls to cleverly create private spaces that are less private from the inside. The house has four exits, forcing choice and making sure there is always an exit in the direction the residents feel they should go.

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The hallway is located around the corner from the living room and creates a private space for guests to linger to and from the more formal seating. The hall also has a higher ceiling than the living room, creating an airy environment that is perfect for growing plants and sitting alone.

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The bedroom is comfortable, being shielded from the rest of the house only by a suspended cloth disk, however, invisible from the exterior due to the solid roof. The bedroom is sheltered on either side to create a comfortable angled roof that could be hung with fabric to give a tent-like feel to enhance the feeling of being outdoors.

>> Corporate Gala Hall

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Glassy and sleek, yet extraordinarily open and dependent for feeling upon the surrounding vista - forests, valleys, waterfalls that can be seen through the windows, this corporate gala hall is perfect for corporate receptions and events. The floors stagger, slowly up to a staged enclosure where the centerpiece of the event can be located. The lower floor is spacious and an excellent showroom, the middle floor, great for dancing and mingling, and the side wings, perfect for catering and live music.

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Surrounding the building is a balcony for enjoying the night air, while the music from inside can be heard faintly people can talk away from the crowds. The scenery can also be appreciated at its best out here, especially in the early evening.

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The tall interior creates a great deal of space for hanging artwork or high sculptures. The mirror-like glass creates a feeling of infinity, while the big windows tie the structure to its surrounding environment.

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